Coming Facebook Gaming features focus on discovery and engagement

Facebook has detailed some features it has in the works that aim to build “discovery and re-engagement” features into the Facebook Gaming tab that now houses Instant Games.

A full look at those in-development features can be found on the Facebook Gaming blog, but Facebook notes the goal of each is to make Instant Games and the Facebook Gaming tab a better platform for both developers and players.

Some of those include features that aim to get more eyes on Instant Games, like a Facebook feature that displays the Facebook Gaming tab prominently on the site’s navigation bar for people that actively engage with video game content on Facebook.

The team has menu redesigns in the works that give players more ways to access social features, share games, and provide developer feedback without leaving the game. There are also a handful of Facebook Group-centric features built around forming Instant Games communities and things contextual, game-driven notifications on Facebook on the way as well. 

All of this follows Facebook’s announcement from last month that Instant Games, a feature previously hosted in Facebook Messenger, would become a part of the social network’s main app and webpage as well as through the Facebook Games tab.

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